CCHS/CR President's Corner

 President Headshot Whitney Bonner

Current President: Jaimie Ove, Five Star Online Academy

I have proudly been a school counselor for over a decade and have enjoyed serving students and their families in both Colorado and Indiana.  I have had the honor of working with students as young as third grade all the way to students in their last year of high school.  As a school counselor, you wear many, many hats and I feel like I've done it all; helped students graduate, comforted them through crises, worked on social skills and overall been a support for whoever walked into my office. I have met so many incredible people along the way - students, parents, co-workers, professional colleagues - and all have made a lasting impact on me in some way or other. 

It's an honor to serve as CCHS/CR president for our 75th year!  We are excited to spend this year looking back at our past accomplishments and feats, while looking forward to creating sustainable and viable actions for our next 75 years.  We hope you join us for our Annual Conference this year in December as we celebrate our past 75 years. 


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