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2024-2025 Colorado Collegiate Handbook

becomes available in August.

The Colorado Council on High School/College Relations annually publishes a comprehensive college handbook that serves as a resource for counselors, teachers, administrators, students and parents.

The Colorado Collegiate Handbook tells you about colleges and universities in Colorado. It also tells you about admissions, financial aid, scholarships and how to be prepared for college education after high school. Specifically, the Handbook includes:

  • Glossary of collegiate terms
  • College day/night program information in Colorado
  • College admissions and placement testing
  • Information for transfer students
  • Transfer requirements for four-year schools
  • Financial aid/scholarship information
  • Ethnic minority student guide to colleges/universities
  • Athletics
  • Costs
  • Individual and detailed descriptions of colleges/universities in Colorado
  • Index of courses, majors, and fields of study offered in Colorado
  • Addresses, websites and phone numbers

Handbook Costs

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$5 if purchased at any of our events

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