Over 80 college fairs held throughout the state of Colorado!
Organized by the Colorado Council, these fairs are held every fall at area high schools or colleges.  These programs are geared toward high school students and their parents and attract thousands of participants who are eager to learn about college curricula, admission requirements, financial aid and more.  Attendance at our college fairs is free for parents, students, and educators.

This year's programs are scheduled for September, October, and the beginning of November. Non-member institutions and proprietary schools are charged a flat rate per week, regardless of the number of fairs actually attended during the week. The registration deadline for colleges and universities is August 19, 2019.



We encourage you to register for a barcode for a Day/Night fair at GoToCollegeFairs.com.  You will be able to take the barcode to the fair and have colleges scan the barcode for your information, instead of filling out info cards at every table. 


Bus Grant Application

Each year, the CCHS/CR gives high school counselors the opportunity to apply for up to $500 in grant money to assist with the direct cost associated with busing students to a CCHS/CR Day/Night Fair.  It is our hope that this money will make attendance possible for students who might not otherwise be exposed to all of these post-secondary options.  In order to be considered, please fill out the form below.

Bus Grant Application


Member High Schools

High Schools must have a current membership to Colorado Council to be eligible to host a Day/Night fair. If your membership expires before you host your fair, you will be responsible for renewing your membership before the date of your fair. Member High Schools are not guaranteed a day/night fair every Fall and fairs may rotate around your area or district to accommodate all member High Schools.


Day/Night Fair Attendance
Limited to Institutions of Higher Learning that offer an Associate's level degree, or higher, and are regionally accredited by one of the following agencies:
Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSCHE), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), or Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).


Colleges: Purchase your Scanner for GoToCollegeFairs

Every hosting high school, as well as the additional invited schools to each fair, has been contacted by our GoToCollegeFairs Representative and highly encouraged to register their students for a GoToCollegeFairs barcode. Many counselors from different areas of the state have an interest in having their students create a barcode before attending the fair, so we would highly encourage you to purchase a GoToCollegeFairs Scanner.


Day/Night Fair Rules

By participating in our Day/Night Fairs, you agree to the following conditions:

1. Promotional giveaways are strictly prohibited. Only literature pertaining to the college or university is permitted. Pens and pencils are permitted. Examples of items prohibited are included but not limited to key chains, water bottles, t-shirts, pennants, bags, buttons, candy, prizes, stickers, cups, etc.

2. One piece of visual equipment (IPad, tablet, laptop, etc.) will be permitted per table as long as the power source is self-contained. CCHS/CR nor the host site will provide electricity, batteries, extension cords, etc. The audio/visual equipment shall not interfere with other exhibitors.

3. College representatives must confine displays to the tabletop to include laptop, tablet, tabletop banners, stuffed mascots or other visual aids. Displays or other items must not exceed 36 inches in height and 40 inches in length and must not block or obstruct traffic flow.

4. Cell phone use by college representatives is discouraged and should be kept to a minimum 

5. College representatives must remain behind the table during the shopping portions of the program. All student interviews and presentations (unless otherwise specified) must be conducted from behind the table.

6. College representatives must be responsible for the actions of all persons acting on behalf of the institution. Alumni, admissions officers, and student representatives/ambassadors must be formally trained.

7. College representatives must be from a two or four year college, university or other post-secondary institution, that is a regionally accredited organization. CCHR/CS reserves the right to refuse the registration of any institution or organization. Independent counselors and/or educational consultants are not eligible

8. College representatives must register for programs prior to the close of registration.

9. Representatives are expected to follow the cancellation policy. In the event of an unexpected cancellation, the representative scheduled for the event has the responsibility of contacting the host coordinator as soon as possible. Refer to the CCHS/CR Host Directory for the fair contact if necessary. Registration fees are non-transferable.

10. Representatives must be present for the entire fair and should not plan on arriving late or leaving early.


All college representatives attending a Day/Night Fair must complete the Fair Guidelines Agreement, available here.


For Colleges/Universities registered for the 2019 fairs, please view the schedule and Host directory below for updates and information on the fairs:

Download the 2019 Day/Night Fair Schedule Here
Download the 2019 Day/Night Host Directory Here


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