Counselor of the Month Winners

CCHSCR and the Colorado Department of High Education have formed a partnership to recognize outstanding high school counselors around the state. Counselors are selected based on the following criteria:
• Initiating a unique college prep program
• Community involvement
• Building relationships with the higher education community
• Leadership positions held in education related organizations (CCHSCR for instance)
• Participation in high school activities/sponsorship of programs
• Number of years as a counselor
Principals, peers, students, parents or teachers may nominate a counselor. 
Nominate a Counselor

January – Grace Ferguson, The Classical Academy – College Pathways
February – Lindsey Vesceri, East High School (Denver Public Schools)
March – Heather Powers, Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice
April - Serenity Santistevan, Grand Junction High School
May - Rory Best, Golden High School
September - Misty Sellden, Palisade High School
October - Aaron Kellar, Douglas County Schools - Castle View High School
November - Stacy Andrews, Canon City High School
December - Shirelle Bandy, Limon Schools

January – Skip Zickmund, Mullen High School
February – Troy Bomgardner, Custer County Schools
March – Anne Gile, Sierra Grand School
April – Kristen Kofoed, Sheridan High School
May – Julia Silipo, Mapleton Early College
September – Hap Legg, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Early College
October – Charles (Chuck) Runge, Pomona High School
November – Molly Harrington, D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School
December – Josh See, Colorado Early College Fort Collins

January – Jan Downing, Bruce Randolph High School
February – Michelle Kleve, Smoky Hill High School
March – Elise Lovato, Moffat Consolidated Schools 2
April – Mark Reedy, Rocky Mountain High School
May - Kyle Hirsch, Rangeview High School
September – Karen Stemm, Northglenn High School
October – Andrea L’Heureux, Fort Morgan High School
November – Candace Campos, The Classical Academy
December – Monica Leiker, Holly High School

January – Leah Horrigan, Eagle Ridge Academy, Brighton
February – Jesse Field, Pathways Future Center School, Thornton
March – Katherine Zulauf, Frederick High School, Frederick (Weld County)
April – Cynthia Kelley, Mountain Range High School
May - Darcy Peterson, Grandview High School
September – Michael Stelling, Northglenn High School

October – Misti Gossett-Thrower, York International School
November – Brian Plautz, Dakota Ridge High School
December – Anjela Schwab, Horizon High School - Adams 12


January – Olga Cordero, Skyline High School
February – Aaron Keller, Castle View High School
March – Elena Herron, KIPP Denver
April – Jim Weimer, Brush High School
September – Judith Alexander, Emily Griffith High School
October – Laronda Lawson, Heritage High School
November – Misty Sellden, Central High School (D51)
December – Amy Macy, Denver Academy


January – Jody Sniff, Swink Junior-Senior High School
February – Jeff Schelly, Poudre High School
March – Heather Hachenberger, Dakota Ridge High School
April – Jason Arneson, Eagle Ridge Academy
September – Judith Alexander, Emily Griffith High School
October - Jeff Schelly, Poudre High School
November – Wade Lewis, Glenwood Springs High School
December – Lisa Scott, Liberty High School

January – Adele Alfson, Center High School
February – Mark Thompson, Pagosa Springs High School
March – Shelley Aveis, Bayfield High School
April – Krista Rector, Deer Trail High School
May – Sharon Thompson, Palmer Ridge High School
September – Chahnuh Fritz, Overland High School
October – Skip Zickmund, Mullen High School
November – Craig Quintana, Smokey Hill High School
December – Lisa Scott, Liberty High School